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Our quality assurance team ensures that any Health Care Provider (HCP) we sign up meets international best practices in terms of health care and service delivery.

Head Office Address:

Bassan Plaza, Block D, First Floor, Plot 759, Independence Avenue, Central Business District, Abuja.

About Us

Why our clients choose us

Nationwide Coverage

Our presence is everywhere in Nigeria

As a national HMO..

We are accredited by the National Health Insurance Scheme as a National Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) with Head office in Abuja and functional offices nationwide.

Nationwide Health Care provider coverage

Our team of Quality assurance officers ensures that all our HCPs provide their services according to International Best Practices.

Over 800+ HCPs

We have a wide range of Health Care Providers (HCP). Enrollees have access to all the HCPs on our network in line with their subscribed Health plan. 

Affordable Premium

Our rates are actuarially determined.

A plan for everyone

Our rates are reasonable and represents value for money for maximum healthcare benefit. Premium is for one calendar year tenure, subject to renewal.

Unlimited Access to medical care

Adequate medical care/services is rendered to all beneficiaries under the scheme.

HCP Access

The enrollees have right to access medical care/services that are covered by their health plan subscribed to, in and out of station.

Pharmacies & Diagnostic Centers

We have a network of Pharmacies and Diagnostics centers across the Nation.

No drugs at the Hospital?

No worries, we have you covered. Our network of Pharmacies stock branded and generic drugs.

Secondary Cases/Referrals Management

State of the art Diagnostic Centers


Issuance of Pre-Authorization code through e-channels (HCP Portal, SMS,email).

Issuance of referral letters in cases of non-emergencies.

Health Care Providers
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Successful claims processed
458000 +
19999 +

Our Skills

We keep improving our service

We have efficient client service and quality assurance teams that are highly committed to excellent service delivery, case management, and complaints management and resolution mechanism poised to add value.
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